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Dear all,

Imagine you’re planning a trip to Cuzco. Write a paragraph ( at least 6 lines) about what you have to do before you go. Give advices and suggestions as well.
Tip: “Unit 7” will help with ideas

Remember! Try to write the best you can.

Your post should be done in no less than 80 words. Write and publish it as soon as it is possible.

Deadline: Wednesday 25/05/2016 

"Imagine you're planning a trip to Cuzco. Write a paragraph ( at least 6 lines) about what you have to do before you go."    

  • Well, if I'm planning to travel to Cusco there are some activities I'll have to do before to have a nice experience.

             1. Check the weather in order to select the appropiate clothes and be safe
             2. Look for a good price and buy the tickets online a week before I'll travel
             3. Buy some special phills to prevent some diseases caused by the height
             4. Prepare all my documents and carry them all the time
             5. Book a room in advance in a hotel
             6. Read a guide book before the trip

  • Before traveling to Cuzco.
  • - I reserve a room in a hotel.
  • - Look on the internet that could visit tourist sites.
  • - Enlist my bags.
  • It would take a taxi to the airport.

  • The imperial city has a sunny weather at day so it's a good idea  to pack t-shirts, a cap or a hat and also sunglasses,but because of it's altitude the weather at night it's cold, so packing a coat and an extra pair of socks will keep me safe and warm,but even if  I wear warm clothes I still can get a cold or a flu or a sore troath, wich is very conmon so it's better if I also pack a first aid kit or some painkillers. In order  to save money I would  chek on the internet to find a bargain.before I travell I always charge the battery of my mobile phone.

  • First I have to do my budget on accommodation, food, tickets, and other things  mas.Después I buy my ticket at the airport. Also, get a guide for the tour of Machu Picchu. Secondly , I will avoid making a big suitcase , Machu Picchu is a place to walk , a small backpack and plenty of water is recommended to take because the road is long. Also,  would take a coat if it's cold in the evenings. Finalmente,  i will take lots of pictures for the memory of a beautiful journey.

  • Well I am planning a trip a Cusco but I should investigate as is their climate and the persons for me to be warned. I need you buy a new suitcase, and I need you buy a sleeping bag. I need to go the bank to change some money, and I need you go the internet to get a flight. I should take a flashlight, batteries shampoo, camera a towel, toothpaste, a toothbrush.

  • This city has a good weather at day so it's a good idea to pack t-shirts, pants and a cap, also packing a coat, because in the afternoon the weather is cold, is very common that do you have a stomach ache and feel sick. You should bring a battery for your cell adicinal not stop taking any photo.

  • Before traveling to Cusco, I have to book my tickets and look for a comfortable hotel to stay for, because hotels are always full of foreigners visiting Peru, then pack the clothing required, because the weather is constantly changing. In Cusco existen much places to visit so before traveling you do  schedules different place about how restaurants, discos and parks to keep anything in the path, finally buy an extra battery for your phone to not stop taking photos and change money.

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