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Dear all,

 "Choose a holiday or celebration you like and write a short paragraph about an interesting tradition you have for the holiday."

Tip: Check pages 31 and 42 of your book, watch a video related to "Holidays and celebration", read something related to it on a website. All of them will help with ideas.

Remember! Try to write the best you can.

Your post should be done in no less than 40 words. Write and publish it as soon as it is possible.

Deadline: Friday 22/04/2016 


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  2. For every culture in the world, the beginning of a New Year has a particular implication and each one of them receives the New Year in different ways. Also Peru has its own, typical rituals and superstitions to dismiss the old year and to welcome the New Year with new hopes and new plans and projects.
    In Peru, on New Year’s Eve, many people attend a party somewhere in town while others receive the New Year at home with friends and family. After a delicious dinner and a few minutes before midnight, the radio stations and Peruvian television announce and finally start the countdown. When clock strikes Midnight everyone hugs and kisses each other with good wishes and either champagne, wine or, Pisco sour, all with loud music.
    One of Peru’s most famous typical rituals is the one with the grapes; twelve grapes should be eaten during the final countdown and people make one wish for every grape they eat. Six of the grapes should be green and six should be purple.
    Another popular New Year tradition in Peru is the use of yellow underwear. According to the tradition, the yellow underwear attracts positive energy for the coming year. Another favorite popular tradition in Peru is the burning of dolls or rag dolls that represent the old year.
    In my case, I receive the New Year at home with friends and family without superstitions.

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