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Dear all,

 "What kinds of music or musical performers do you like?"

Tip: Check pages 18 and 19 of your book, as well as your favorite Web Site.  They will help with ideas. If it is possible watch a documentary related to your favorite Web Site. That will help too..

Remember! Try to write the best you can.

Your post should be done in no less than 40 words. Write and publish it as soon as it is possible.

Deadline: Friday 08/04/2016 

Read the paragraph below. Can you find mistakes? How many? Can you correct them
My favourite web site is YouTube not only because of the video tutorials, but mostly because of the videos that are some kind of talk shows that some people upload on their channels. I mean, most of the things I'm interested in don't have this big exposure as sports or pop music have, so I have to look on the internet and not only on YouTube to get the information I want. Althought Youtube is the website I use the most, the one that I really like even more is Twitch.Tv. There you can watch all kinds of games, programs, talk shows and even sometimes music concerts, all of them live. But since I don't have that much time, I often use YouTube to watch the recording of the stream.
 I think that my favorite website is Youtube, everybody knows about this video platform; I read about YouTube’s history, it's very interesting.

This website has over a billion users, it's incredible, because Youtube permits to users to upload different kind of videos and obtain money for advertising, if you want to be a "Youtuber", you only need a camera.

Also I like Netflix, because I can see movies and series, it's not free, but it's better than buy dvds.
Hope it helps for your blog in Cambridge. Remember to read the unit before you starts writing.


  1. One of my favourite websites is It's great because you can learn english while you listen to your favourite songs. You choose a song and then listen to the song and complete the lyrics. You can also watch the video of the song.
    The good points include the fact that there are lots of up-to-date groups you can listen to such as the Script or One Direction. In addtion, you can choose the level: Beginner, intermediate or expert, depending on your level of english. Another good feature is that you can repeat a line of the song as often as you want, until you know the missing word. Also, the website is very easy to navigate and you can listen the songs in different languagesm for instance in Spanish, German and Italian.
    One of the drawbacks is that some songs aren't on the website. Another bad point is that there's a lot of advertising on the website. However, you can just ignore it.
    To sum up, I think this is an excellent website if you like music and you want to improve your english. You should check it out!

  2. Full name: Daniel Rojas Mendez

    Seccion: G3HM


  3. I am really surprised at your english, Daniel!

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