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Dear all,

 "What kinds of music or musical performers do you like?"

Tip: Check pages 18 and 19 of your book. It will help with ideas. If it is possible watch a documentary in English about it. That will help too.

Remember! Try to write the best you can.

Your post should be done in no less than 40 words. Write and publish it as soon as it is possible.

Deadline: Friday 01/04/2016 

Read the paragraph below. Can you find mistakes? How many? Can you correct them
For all of us, music is to feel it, to live it, for me I prefer electronic music because I always  feel in another world. My friends always made fun of me because I speak of this, as if it transported me, like I was lost here.

For me it is an exciting feeling, with those beats so fast, and even the quiet. We are such people that close your eyes, listen to the melody, feel excitement and joy.

Some of the DJs that I think are great: Afrojack, Fedde Le Grand, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Martin Garrix, Calvis Harris, Carl Cox, etc…

I love electronic music, it makes me feel great.

It's not like other genre for me, it's unique!
 To be honest, I don't have a music genre in particular. I usually listen every kind of music on my house, the genre depends on my mood. But "Rock" is the genre that i like more and with which I identify more.
Hope it helps for your blog in Cambridge. Remember to read the unit before you starts writing.


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  2. Music is a part of the art. It is obvious that the music is as old as human beings in this world. The music helps the improvement of our life. It is a divine gift to humanity. There is different kind of music in the world. For example, classic, pop, rock, country and others. Music is a part of our life. In my case I like to listen to Pop music because I forgot a bit of trouble, headaches and helps me to relax. I would say that music is in our minds from our birth to our death. The music is an inseparable part of this world.

  3. Full name: Daniel Rojas Mendez

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  4. I listen music in my phone. i like music app, my favorite app is spotify. I listen my favorite playlist when i go to cibertec or work. i like rock reggae and hip hop. my favorite male singer is justin quiles because i like his voice. and my favorite female singer is adele because i like shes songs. in my school everybody is a fan of justin quiles in my freetimes im looking for new songs.