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Dear all,

Give advice to a teenager who is going away to college in another city for the first time.  You can tell him what to pack, what to do, how to organize his / her activities, etc.

Write it in the form of a postcard (page 73 of your books).

Tip: “Unit 7” will help with ideas

Remember! Try to write the best you can.

Your post should be done in no less than 80 words. Write and publish it as soon as it is possible.

Deadline: Wednesday 18/05/2016 

"Write a paragraph about an interesting place you would like to visit."

There is and there are. 
  • My advice would be:First; research the climate that city in internet, so you can using the appropriate clothes. Also manage your money well; divide in three part your money; in your food, school supplies and extra (outings with friends, Cleaning element,etc). Finally make a schedule; because that will keep you organized in your different activities in college.
  • A place I wanted to visit for my vacation would be to visit the city of Ayacucho, because I have some relatives who still do not know and would like to visit, in addition to know the beautiful places, especially the Andes and the experience of Holy Week as it is recognized as one of the most important festivals of the city in terms of cultural and religious.
  • My advice is should to pack the things most necessary like clothes, a brush, a shampoo, books, laptop,etc. If in the another city speak a different language, the student should to pack a dictionary to learn some expressions and buy a guidebook. I think is necessary to pack a cellphone too. He or she has to call a travel agent and get a hotelroom  around the college.

  • My advice would be that he packs clothes to be used according to the weather wherever you go. Before packing, you can make a list so you don't forget anything. The key to everything in life is to be relaxed, calm, should not be nervous.
  • I would visit Spain because they make an excellent "Stand Up". The most important for me is the Comedy Club and characters like Robina Goyo Jimenes and Dani are the funniest monologues to be live in a channel called the Sixth.
  • I want visit Machu Picchu because I want to learn about the origins of the Peruvian's culture.I prefer this place because have a lot of kinds of art like a architect agronomy paints sculptures.

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